Green Star Childcare

Looking for families for a 5H high quality preschool from 9am to 2pm !pls email for spots available !

 Preschool schedule from 9am to 2pm , set to start from Sep 2019.

5H of quality preschool time

Monday to Friday $640/month
Mon,Wed,Fri $385/ month
Tues,Thurs $285/ month

Daily scheduale :

9am to 09.30am Free play

09.30am to 9.45am Morning snack

9.45 to 10.25 Gym time
Intense physical activity with specialized equipment that will enable your child towards a healthy life style

10.25 to 10.55 Circle time

Encourages kids to follow teacher's direction as well as give the opportunity to share events/subjects from their family life; develop a scene of belonging and trust with their peers
Subjects that are in each circle time:
* yoga and dance
*show and tell section
*calendar/days/months; ABC Fun Family Phonics and tech ABCMouse model are included to offer up to date variety of ABC/123 learning
* book reading by teacher and/or students
*special props to aid with the weekly or monthly subjects

11 to 12pm Outside time, rain or shine

*shoes and hats will be required to match the season
*muddy buddies are provided by us
*our yard is 12.000 sqft and have a large variety of tools for your child to be active and adventurous

12 to 12.25 art/craft/science

*daily free painting or with a worksheet
*cutting, weaving, fine motor skills
*collages with various loose parts
*3D projects, recycle materials, nature materials

12.30pm to 12.50pm Lunch time

1pm to 1.30pm Montessori learning

Our Per-school is based on Montessori materials in preparation for kindergarten, academic curriculum is presented at different levels fostering an inclusion environment for all children involved.

1.35pm to 2pm Brain Group time

Small groups of children will be provided with book, puzzle, math projects, brain games, tech interactive games.

The above Preschool schedule is a prototype and is intended to start September 1st of 2019 ( provided that all spots will be full) . Green Star Childcare is planing to reduce the current daycare 7am to 6pm schedule to the pre-school 9am to 2pm preschool Schedule. As its a future plan with over one year as advance notice to current families and new families we have Sign up  available NOW.