Green Star Childcare

Looking for families for a 5H high quality preschool from 9am to 2pm !pls email for spots available !

About Us

Green Star Childcare statement of philosophy is based on "Best practice model" that focuses on the best practice that is available at any given moment. This model concentrates on skill building, empowerment, self-efficiently and individual resilience.

Green Star Childcare believe in the RIE (Resources for Infant Edu-carers ) approach!
An authentic child is one who feels secure, autonomous, competent and connected with their peers and his/her environment.
RIE role is to create an environment in which the child can best do all the things that the child would do naturally. The more predictable an environment is, the easier it is for a child to learn.
We educators/ parents demonstrate basic trust in children to be explorers and to learn what he/she is ready for. Because of this trust, we provide children with only enough help necessary to allow the child to enjoy mastery of their own actions as a unique human been.


Green Star Childcare is committed to demonstrate long-term program planning and continuous learning. 'Best practice model' has a deep seed in Mental Health Care where is used to maintain quality of life, based on self-assessment and follow up care. In my professional experience I have found that a pro-active learning environment will support your child natural willingness to learn and explore at their own pace. Waldorf approach love !

Proud owner of Green Star Childcare is Ramona Toth. Close to 7years experience as an ECE educator, 7 years as a Mental Health Care social worker one very important aspect has been proven to be the truth: the need of acceptance, every singe one of us want to be accepted and understood as they are; individual and unique!

When my husband and I meet I was working night shift (as a metal health care social worker )and crafting Circle time activity for my ECE practicum, then I knew that my life will revolve around becoming the best educator I can be. Haven’t stooped learning yet!