Green Star Childcare

Looking for families for a 5H high quality preschool from 9am to 2pm !pls email for spots available !

Preferred schedule for Fall and Winter

Refer to this schedule as a guide line for a regular daycare day not as a rule set in stone, as life works things are not always perfect or need to be , we like to follow the “flow” directed by children and their daily preferences ; make for a happy environment and trusting relationships. Natural development creates a unique dynamic between the kids and staff, each day is new, but the same due the structured routine that is always inclusive.

7.0 to 9.00 free play, children interact/socialize with each other
09.00 to 09.15 GYM time / dance (helps out with childcare’s morning energy, busts appetite for morning snack)
09.20 bathroom time/diaper change
09.25 morning snack and get ready for outside

09.30 outside time, rain or shine.
We use muddy-buddy Tuffo suits. We go out into neighbourhood parks, use nature hiking trails, take city transit, go to mom-pop restaurants, do volunteer garbage/recycling in the parks that we frequent, impromptu one day field trips etc
This variety of daily outings gives a true representation of the world outside of the daycare and allows the children to explore his/hers curiosity

11.30 per-school (in preparation for kindergarten, but low stress for your child, curriculum is provided at different levels so that none of the children involved feels left out or frustrated by the subject given)
*exploration box/organic subjects/emergent /Waldorf curriculum
*hands on building, focus on creating with craft projects, sensory and tactile base
*Science experiments, 1 or 2 per week
11.50 bathroom time/diaper change

12.00 Circle Time
*Encourages kids to follow teacher's direction as well as give the opportunity to share events/subjects from their family life; develop a scene of belonging and trust with their peers
*yoga is part of each circle time
* explore the subject of the week with props prepared by teacher
*calendar and Fun Family Phonics/ABCMouse model are included as well

*hot lunch is provided. We do not believe in force feeding or manipulation of any kind, natural peer encouragement will help your child eat when served food :)
*transition into bathroom time/diaper change/ mandatory teeth brushing /resting in nap room

12.45 nap time (an average of 1.30h sleep per day depending on the child’s age and needs)
02.15 wake up time
*transition out of nap,drink water/milk, bathroom time/diapers
*music and puzzles, books, individual choice of each child.
* opportunity to continue morning craft and /or projects that requier more time for natural exporation 

03.30 to 04.30
*GYM time is offered
*afternoon snack
*diapers change/ bathroom time
*outside time
04.30 to 05.00

*tidy up daycare, put toys away, reading books/calm atmosphere, brain games; 

7.30-8.30 *Meet and great with children and their families 
*Child-led activities, personal choice
*Teachers mingle with children.
*Breakfast is prepared.
8.30-9:00 *Breakfast is offered to children.
9.00-9.20 *coloring, cutting, pattern tracing, play dough, table toys/activity, puzzles, memory games, etc.
9.20-9.30 *bathroom time
9.30-10.15 *Circle time, reading books with group or individual.
*learning time (ABC, math, colors, shapes, new words, special books or events etc)
10.15-11.00 *yoga, dance, aerobic, warm up, and other physical exercise for a chosen theme
11.00-11.15 *AM snack, formula, milk, is offered, also dipper change and bathroom time
11.30-1.50 *nap time for infants and toddler and quiet time for older children 
2.00 -2.15 *wake up time, get ready for lunch, dipper change and bathroom time.
2.15 – 2.35 *Lunch is offered to children. Food is healthy and includes cultural diversity.
2.40 – 4.00 *free play, individual choice of personal use of time OR
*3 times a week - “Exploration time” program, led by teacher or special guest.
4.00 – 4.30 *story time, favorite books, relaxing yoga, getting ready for nap time (toileting etc.)
4.30 – 4.50 *PM snack if offered to children 
4.50 – 5.30 *bathroom time and PM snack is offered to children
*outside time, free play or story time, for those who prefer to sit and listen
*saying good bye to friends