Green Star Childcare

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"I just about gave up finding a daycare for my daughter, but then luckily I met Ramona!

We have a few challenges with my daughter...for starters, she does not speak at all (she is nearly 3 years old). In general she is very slow in her development and she might have high functioning autism. I simply couldn't see her cope at any of the daycare's I visited. I basically accepted the fact that she will need to stay home for another year or two.

But then we met with Ramona and for the first time I felt that this is a safe space for my daughter to just develop at her own pace, without the pressure of having to be at a certain 'level' or be potty trained, etc.

She's been going to Green Star daycare for about two month now and she loves it! Her new little friends are so friendly and happy to see her in the mornings, and she can not stop smiling. I have also noticed a positive change in her already...she is more verbal and she is responding more to us when we talk to her.

Ramona is very gifted and I am so grateful we found her. This is the perfect environment for our daughter. I would happily recommend her to other parents!"

                                                                                                                    Karinda Ristic, mother of two, Jul 26th 2017

My name is Darcy Murdoch. I have performed at Green Star childcare as Whistles the Clown and Santa Claus for going on five years now. From an entertainers viewpoint, I have found the operation Ramona runs to be top notch. I see the children well cared for, happy and always in a spotlessly clean environment.

When I perform as Whistles, which is in the summer, there is always an abundance of food and drink, with emphasis on healthy snacks and eating. There are lots of choices for the parents and adults, too. I was very impressed with the amount of activities for the children that were available, besides Whistles' Magic Show.

As Santa, the generous gift bags Santa hands out from Green Star make me wish I was a child again, I see and feel lots of love and genuine affection in the air when I am at Green Star. The children are in awe when Santa appears. For some, it is their first experience with him. I find having Santa there adds to the quality of service that Ramona offers.

I plan to have a long lasting friendship and business relationship with Ramona and Green Star in the future years ahead. I would recommend to any parent to have their child taken care of there.

                                     Darcy Murdoc, January 2016 (via email), Entertainer for kids and adults, Lung Cancer survivor

Our daughter has been at Green Start for almost two years. She started when she was just under a year old, and Ramona and her staff made the transition (both for our daughter and for me!) very smooth, despite a few bumps. It's where she took her first steps and has learned so very many things, including her manners. She loves going there every day and the staff and other children are a second family. Ramona makes thing special for us all by hosting a wonderful summer party and Santa comes to visit for the holidays. It's not easy leaving your child in someone else's care for 40 hours a week, but we've never doubted that she is well taken care of, encouraged and loved. The photos that Ramona posts give us a peek into their fun adventures and daily routines. When I was calling the past and current parents for testimonials during my own daycare search, the resounding 'it's awesome!' and 'you're so lucky to get in!' was just a confirmation of how we felt on our first visit, and I'm happy to say I'd give the same feedback to anyone looking today.

Renée Schisler Schick, mother of 2 children, via email, Aug 2016 

Green Star Childcare has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. She adjusted to daycare in no time thanks to Ramona and her staff. You can see that they truly care about the children, their safety and their well-being. They promote open communication which was very important for me, and have been accommodating when we needed it. We will truly miss Green Star Childcare, but know we have built friendships to last a lifetime!

                                                       Alison Thomas ,mother of 3 children, Aug 2016, (via email)

My son  C goes to Green Star Childcare for the last 2.5y and he is happy everyday. Even when he was on the first day here, there was no tears. Ramona is a very energetic and knowledgeable teacher. My son loves her all the time. The daycare program is great, well-balanced with indoor learning/playing/crafting and outdoor playing/exploring every day. We highly recommend this Green Star to everyone who wants to join.

Fei Cai, mother of 2 children, Jan 2016

''I don't know how to say thank you enough for being such awesome day care providers to my son. You welcomed and supported him in his adaptation to Canada.

The fun and learning environment of the day care is very stimulating to the children. They are attentive, curious and disciplined. They learn from different activities and events which is dynamic and meaningful for them.

I will always be so grateful for the many things you've taught my son. The experience he had at your day care was extremely valuable. He really thrived and learned so much with you.

Thanks again for all you have done in the last year. Your help is much appreciated."

                                                                                                  Thaïs Sathler, Jul 29th 2016, new commer to Canada

My daughter has attended Green Star Childcare with Ramona for just over a year now. Ramona provides a warm and comforting atmosphere with open communication at the beginning and end of the day. My daughter looks forward to going to daycare everyday to be with her friends and I think this is a testament to the care that Ramona provides. I am encouraged to know that everyday (rain or shine) they go on an adventure to a nearby park. My daughter has thrived in Ramona's care - she is wonderful with other children and is always surprising us with new information she has learned. Green Star Childcare also provides seasonal events so that you can connect with the other parents and this provides a great sense of community.

Meghan Brown, via email, May 2016

"Green Star is an exceptional daycare with an equally exceptional owner, Ramona. We have seen positive changes in our son who has been going to this daycare for around 2 yrs now. Ramona is a knowledgeable, attentive, involved and disciplined daycare provider. Her support staff are also friendly and qualified. Kids get to have different experiences like wonderful christmas celebrations, summer parties etc. I highly recommend Green Star Daycare."


 Nivrita (24.87.33....), Jun 3rd 2016, new commer to Canada 

"I've been bringing my 2 year-old daughter to Green Star Daycare for a little over 6 months and so far I have seen such an improvement in my daughter, Ramona is really good with her as with the other kids."

Anamaria Psomiadis, Sep 2015

"We cannot say enough good things about Ramona and Green Star Childcare and neither can our 2-year-old! Our son barely spoke a word before he started going there five months ago. Within a week, he was speaking in full sentences! I continue to be surprised on a daily basis by what he is learning.

Ramona is extremely gifted. Her love for each individual child is evident in the way the kids laugh and play and in the way my son talks about her as if the sun rises and sets because of her.

The pictures on the website of all the smiling kids are an honest portrayal of daily life at Green Star. I recommend it without a single reserve!"

Robyn Klassen, mother of 2 children,  Jan 2014


"I couldn't say enough good things about Green Star Daycare and Ramona. Before Green Star, my son was in a less-than-good daycare, which we accepted as our fate since child care spots are hard to get in Vancouver.

When we found Ramona and Green Star Daycare, my boy simply blossomed into the energetic, fun little guy we knew at home. Ramona is always positive and joyful, and had a great rapport with our child. Her good humour, flexible attitude, and imagination keeps my curious boy engaged and happy. She is very organized, and my son has the opportunity to play and be challenged to learn new things under her care. In the evening, he tells us stories of the fun things he did that day with his little friends, and the yummy food he ate for lunch and snacks.

I am so grateful that we found Ramona when we did. She has been an excellent influence in my son's life, and I am pleased to recommend her to other parents who want the best for their children."

Ginette Vallee, mother of 2 children,  Jun 2013


"Easily the best child care provider we've ever had. Ramona and her staff are attentive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional. All my questions (and some I didn't even think to ask) were answered up front and in detail. The environment is positive, friendly and educational. I feel welcome and valued every day. My son is clearly very happy being there - and most importantly - I know he is good hands. Everyone in our family loves Green Star!"

Christine Hart, mother of 2 children, May 2013

"Ramona's daycare is fantastic, not only is it full of toys for all ages, it is welcoming, friendly and truly had the kids' need in mind when she designed it. The play room is bright and large, the nap room is cozy and confortable. My 22-month-old loves to go there every day and I have a peace of mind at work that she is in good hands. In addition of all that, Ramona goes way beyond her "duties" when at the beginning of each month she provides every family with a CD full of pictures she took of the kids the previous month. It's great to see what they are up to all day when I can't be with her! She also organized awesome summer and Christmas parties complete with a clown and Santa. Green Star Daycare deserves the best rating in my opinion!"

                                                        Andrea (207.102.20....), Jan 2013, mother of 2 children

"When you first step in to this daycare, you will know RIGHT AWAY that Ramona has put her heart and soul into doing this. This place LOOKS/FEELS like a daycare should. Everything is in the open (all certification, first aid, fire extinguisher, menu for the day) and she is VERY welcoming/accommodating. I have a month to month folder in my PC of pictures that Ramona gives to me of my little one. The children do have a great environment and they are not stuck indoors in front of a TV. Oh.. and Ramona held a SUMMER PARTY AND X'MAS (complete with SANTA) for 2012. How COOL is that!?"

Adrian Leong ,dad of 2 children, Jan  2013